I just told everyone I was done with Medical issues…

by Traci Kolinek on March 1, 2012

in Post Cancer Medical Issues

My Evil Bleeding Eye

So I have been telling everyone I am done with medical issues,   everything has been fixed so I should be good to go and then…

Bang,  I am standing out in the cul de sac with my neighbor (finishing up kid drama) and she tells me my eye looks like it is bleeding… WTF????

I try to blow it off thinking,  it I can have anything wrong.    Knowing that my eye has been bugging me the last few days, but I thought it was just allergies or something.

I do go inside to take and look… and there it is crap!!!!     Are you kidding me?

We don’t have vision insurance, but I know they cover medical necessity of the eye.    Kaylynn (from her Hemangioma) and Larry (from Diabetes).

It turns out it was just a subjunctive hemorrhage.   One of my blood vessels in my eye burst, and I have to wear my glasses all the time and let it heal.     Working out in glasses???   Oh man,   and I don’t see as well.     Larry keeps asking if I should be driving the kids.

It kept spreading as I had an evil eye.   But all gone in 10 days.    Ready to wear contacts again.

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