Post Cancer Medical Issues

I just told everyone I was done with Medical issues…

by Traci Kolinek March 1, 2012

So I have been telling everyone I am done with medical issues,   everything has been fixed so I should be good to go and then… Bang,  I am standing out in the cul de sac with my neighbor (finishing up kid drama) and she tells me my eye looks like it is bleeding… WTF???? […]

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Today will just be normal and simple!

by Traci Kolinek February 29, 2012

No doctors today!!! I will get to be a mom, wife, work, workout, pay the bills, plan meals, get the kids to and from school, look at possible summer schedule and camps and figure out what we can do for Spring Break.    Easy Day!  

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UGH, I lost my whole morning to a doctors appointment again!

by Traci Kolinek February 28, 2012

I keep thinking it is going to end.   But it seems like one or two of my mornings, (my only time free of kids) is filled with some kind of doctors appointment.  REALLY? I should not complain.  I am Cancer Free!   Healthy, well with a little extra weight I need to lose due […]

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You know your a cancer survivor when…

by Traci Kolinek September 16, 2010

You know your a cancer survivor when you have Barium in your pantry for your next scans in 3 months.     Crazy!

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