Moving Ahead Again

by Traci Kolinek October 4, 2010

So I decided this time to not work out my upper body for 3 months.   Just not worth the risk of messing up the “new girls”  So I will stay with working out my lower half for the rest of the year. I could not imagine another surgery, so I’m done.      I […]

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Healing Well

by Traci Kolinek September 28, 2010

Two weeks post surgery,  I am healing very well.   I am feeling good and have been off pain meds for 4 days now.    I am still limited in what I lift and do with my arms,  no need to bust a stitch.  But I have full range of my arms which is nice. […]

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Sometimes it hits you in the Gut!

by Traci Kolinek August 2, 2010

Last fews weeks have hit me hard as I hear and watch my friend in pain.    I know well that it is not the actual “cancer” the you pass away from this life from, but all the chemo that you body has to endure.   Your organs can only handle so much and then your body […]

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What does bald really mean?

by Traci Kolinek July 2, 2010

I’ve been meaning to write about “why is going bald so hard during cancer treatments?” ever since my dear friend Michelle went bald for the 3rd time.    On a walk one day I thought about it a lot, trying to figure it out.  When I was bald,  I really didn’t mind.   I wore cute hats […]

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Cancer Sucks Update

by Traci Kolinek November 8, 2007

Thank you all for being patient with me and all for all your prayers and support.    I can honestly say it has been a really good week,  really busy, but good.    I started the week with my surgeon, who gave me my biopsy, calling to see how I was doing.   This  followed a call […]

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Kaylynn’s Round 6 NYC, Traci Dignosed Breast Cancer

by Traci Kolinek November 3, 2007

Hello to All,   Reeve, Kaylynn and I headed to Kansas City and NY October 24th for Round 6 Laser Treatment.    Since I could get a direct flight to KC,   we flew connecting in KC.    My friend Heather, picked up Reeve at the airport with her 3 year old son Braden and twin one year […]

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